Security Systems - Video Surveillance

Protecting your home or business is no longer achieved only by securing access. To ensure maximum security of your premises and the property therein, SME can offer:

Access control: securing access to companies where high level surveillance is a necessity (banks, casinos, industries…) or for homes, with personalized badges, biometric scanners, door codes, motorized locks…

Video surveillance: providing remote day and night control or installing video recordings, numeric storage of images, and license plate recognition programs.

Intrusion alarms: detection of unauthorized entrance with our systems:

  • Indoor protection with alarm stations
  • Outdoor perimeter protection for sensitive areas with fence cables (impact detection)
  • Outdoor protection by buried cables (detects modifications of the ultra high frequency signal)
  • Indoor / Outdoor protection by ultra high frequency transmitters (Doppler effect) by multi-beam infrared barriers

Fire detection: SME advises companies and local authorities for the installation of fire detection systems to comply with local regulations and can reply to individual needs as well.