In 2017, a large amount of new installations in Monaco !

Our team has contributed in several new installations such as :

- Electrical work for the restaurant "Les Terrasses du Marché" 

- Relamping of LED lightings of various buildings in Monaco 

- Set up of the new Ferrari Monaco showroom 

- Set up of the new Bentley Monaco showroom 

- Set up of the new Bentley Le Cannet showroom 

- Renovation of the Mercedes SAMGF garage

- Set up of the Idealworks showroom 

- DEL projector lighting of the Monaco Tennis Club

- Hôtel de Paris  : renovation SSi

- DEL lighting of the Sporting SBM pools

- Photovoltaic : creation of the first solar installation linked to the SMEG network

- Set up of an access control system for the Monaco Government

Electrical work for the catering restaurant "Les Terrasses du Marché" located on the 1st floor of the Condamine Market